Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Engagement Session by AMBphoto

A few weeks ago, we had our engagement session. Our photographer, the ever-so-talented Anne-Marie Bouchard of AMBphoto, exceeded our expectations by a mile. 

I should mention: our expectations were exceptionally high to begin with. Because she is incredible. 

So, at the request of my mother (and many others), I decided to share a few of our photos here.
Now. I hesitate to call these photos "my favourites" of the bunch. In fact, I can't. I honestly adore each and every one.

For this reason, I chose fifteen photos at random for this post.

I'm not kidding. I chose randomly. Because I couldn't select a single one.

Our photographer is kind of the bomb...
I can't tell you exactly what it is I envisioned when it came to an engagement session. Other than, I wanted it to "feel like us."

An honest representation of our love in all of its quirkiness and imperfection. 

But... with better make-up.

Graham did not wear make-up. 

Thank you Amy Lupiano of Ottawa Makeup Artists for making me feel beautiful. Amy is also my new best friend...

Joking aside, she is the older sister to one of my close friends, Emily. And we have a strange amount in common. She is also adorable, incredibly sweet and genuine, not to mention hugely talented and intelligent. 

Another big thank you goes out to Shelby Tymchuk of Showpony Hair for styling the bouncy ringleted curls of my dreams!
So what could serve as the perfect representation of us?

What do we like to do?

In complete honesty, we're total homebodies. We like to play board games. We like to take pictures. We like to collect neat vintage trinkets (like polaroid cameras) and go out for brunch. We like to listen to our records, watch Netflix, and dance around our kitchen in our pjs (but you can't wear your pjs and your beloved Swedish Hasbeens together; one of them has to go). We like to laugh (and Graham ensures we laugh all day, every day). We like to pack picnics and play outside... in the snow... (?)

I personally prefer playing outside in the sand (or grass), but Graham loves winter.
And relationships are about compromise. 

And freezing.
(He bribed me with matching sweaters.) 
Oh, and we like to eat donuts.

Sorry. We love to eat donuts.
I insisted on not purchasing any props for our engagement session. I wanted everything included in the photos to feel like "us" (blankets we had snuggled in, candles we had lit, etc.). We insisted on building a fort out of wood from Home Depot, some of which we found in our garage (thank you previous owners!), and thrifting some lace to drape around it. We insisted on playing Mario Kart on our dirty old N64. We insisted on Scrabble, the Civil Wars (whose songs have served as the soundtrack to major milestones in our relationship), a Metallica record I can't stand, and my most treasured (and appropriate) print, by my favourite Etsy artist, Ashely G.

(Ok... I also insisted on a new dress from Urban Outfitters but you can't have everything old...) 

(Fine... When I found the "i love us" pillow at Chapters a couple weeks before our session, I didn't exactly say no. I insisted on the pillow too.) 

Our initial plan was to build a teepee. But we opted to create a structure with a little more space. Our fort now lives in our basement. Eggnog is keen on running through it and chewing on the lace (I'm thrilled...). 
 So that's what I told Anne-Marie. That's all I told Anne-Marie.
"I want it to feel like us."
Somehow, she managed to capture the most "us" moments that could ever be caught in time. I could cry looking through our photos because I can see how happy we are. I can see how much we love each other. How much we love our life together. We aren't perfect. But I would never wish for us to be.
Graham is always handsome. But I told Anne-Marie yesterday, upon receiving our photos, that I'm not someone that finds myself overly photogenic. Or even pretty, for that matter (and not for a lack of Graham telling me so).

But these photos make me feel really beautiful. And I think it's because my joy shines through.
Are you cringing yet? I promise not to be this sappy on a regular basis.

Who am I kidding? Come visit in August 2015 (after the wedding) if this is too much for you.
If you are getting married, or if you aren't but would like to document a special moment (or a regular moment!), check out Anne-Marie's website and blog. You won't regret it. Get lost in the stories her photos tell for a little while (or even for an entire afternoon, as I so often do).

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the most wonderful part of it all: She is just as sweet and kind as she is talented. We feel incredibly blessed. 


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