Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sundays are for...

Saying yes to the dress!

For obvious reason, I cannot share very many details... ;)

I will, however, share the following:

It was a beautiful day. I love my bridesmaids with all of my heart. My mom said I looked "perfect" (An adjective that so rarely escapes her lips... No exaggeration: We are anti-perfectionism!). My dad asked:
Kris, can you wear your hair down?
(His only request.)

During our appointment at the bridal boutique, while wearing (my soon-to-be) dress, I left the girls (and my parents) to find a quiet place. Away from their happy chatter (I am very fortunate), I took a moment to myself. There, I imagined Graham. I imagined him seeing me for the very first time... In this (my) dress.

My eyes welled up with tears (I did not expect this).
A perfect day.
In other news, one of my biggest artistic inspirations, Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess, recently followed me on Instagram. It quite honestly made my week... month... (longer). 

The reason I mention this is because today, she shared her new favourite podcast (called StartUp) on A Beautiful Mess. Only this past week, my best friend suggested that I listen to another (called Serial). Graham gave in; I - a podcast virgin - did not.

But when Elsie shared StartUp, I was intrigued. 

I'll listen to one... or two... 

I became instantly hooked. While I do not often write about my work here, I am a public servant by day, blogger by night (ha...). I am very fortunate to be employed by the Government of Canada and I have worked hard to get there. But one of my admitted (major) insecurities at work is...
I know nothing about business.
Graham, who often returns home from work completely inspired:
Let's open a cozy café! A small bistro. A swanky lounge.
(Ok... He has ever used the word "swanky" per se, but you get the point.)

Seems to have a never-ending chain of ideas whirling around in his mind.

I, on the other hand, can barely wrap my mind around their development (forget about their potential for evolution!).

So, during the first episode of StartUp... Spoiler Alert: When Alex meets (and pitches to) silicon valley "legend" Chris Sacca (investor in Twitter, Instagram, and Uber) and receives a variation of the following in response:
No. But this is how your idea SHOULD have been pitched. 2 minutes on the clock (please). 
It spoke to me (or... rather, it spoke to my lack of business knowledge).

Time to learn.

Hence, I am loving this series.

Happy Sunday!


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