Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree

Last night, we went on a mission: To pick out our very first (real) Christmas tree!
No more renting = no more artificial trees! (Until I jump on the white tree bandwagon... Never say never.)
Before Graham and I moved in together, my dad and I shared a special tradition. Each year, we would visit a Christmas tree farm and chop down our very own tree. (He would chop... I would take pictures.)

Needless to say, I was excited to share a similar experience with Graham.

We fell in love (at first sight) with a Colorado Blue Spruce...
"It's perfect!" We proclaimed in unison. Christmas music came on... Bells jingled (?)...
"That will be $100 please," said Scrooge.

There are plenty of fish in the sea...

We settled for... Just kidding. We fell in love, all over again (less than 90-seconds later... Love is magic!) with a hulking Balsam Fir.


The nice man working at the Christmas tree lot (formerly known as "Scrooge") offered to lend a hand and help secure the tree to the top of my little car.

(You will notice a trend: Graham's car visits restaurants and goes on road trips; my car does manual labour.)

We arrived at home.

We realized (just in time... to grab the saw) that our tree was much too large to fit inside. I discovered (instantly) that I am hopeless when it comes to large cutting tools (thankfully, Graham is not). We realized (much too late... to head to the store) that we will require double (triple...?) the decorations that currently reside within our home.

Graham observed his fever rising (the return of the flu...). I (audibly) observed my stomach growling. We gazed upon our (barely) half-decorated tree.

We laughed (endlessly).
Dinner time. Let's give up and watch a movie.
Eggnog (the drink) was poured. Eggnog (the dog) was snuggled. Graham proposed (a hilarious) toast. I ate an entire bag of Lindor chocolate balls (oops). We kissed in front of our (giant) tree.

Eggnog's first Christmas!
To laugh in the face of a mishap. To celebrate (and toast!) petty defeat (tree: 1; us: 0).

A perfect moment was entrusted to us because of a minor setback.

And I could not feel more blessed.


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