Wednesday, December 3, 2014

When the Leaves Fall (2014)

Freezing rain, wet snow and temperatures below -10°C...

It is officially winter.

Alas, let us look back on our highlights from fall (2014).
Pancake "cake" for Graham's birthday.
For Graham's birthday (October 5th), I woke up (super) early to make the "best ever chocolate chip pancakes"... 

My first and second batches were... abominable, to say the least. (Which is why this is not a recipe post.) 

My third batch was... an extraordinary success! And a bit of a fluke. I can't quite remember the ingredients I selected (it was round 3 after all).

That said, I do recall combining them frantically. Hoping and praying that the scent of burnt batter had not yet wafted outside of the kitchen.

Three hours later than breakfast had been initially promised (Graham read the newspaper on his phone: twice)...

He was thrilled. The pancakes were delicious (and equally as important: really pretty!).
Ready for a perfect fall day at the pumpkin patch!

Isla & Logan (our ring bearer and flower girl). Missing: Logan's twin brother Lucas!
Best friends :) 
We spent the rest of October (weekends) outside, marvelling at the colourful leaves and enjoying the cooler weather (knit sweaters: yes please!). 

We headed to Millers' Farm & Market with our best friends, the Dunn family. Isla is my favourite little girl in the world. And the boys make my heart melt. It was the happiest day. I love you guys! 

Side note: Graham and Zac have been best friends since they were babies! Cute right?
Handsome. He still gives me butterflies.
Driving around & picking up take-out with my babe. 

Miss Frizzle and the Magic School Bus!
Jackie Moon, Axl Rose and Harry (Wet Bandits) from Home Alone!
Then came Halloween (my favourite!). I plan on being known as a costume legend someday... Just kidding (no I am definitely not kidding).

I forced my best friend Sam to dress up as the Magic School Bus to my Miss Frizzle. I plan on sharing a DIY post about our costume... Eventually (Christmas-mode for now!).

Background: Last year I went as ET and she went as Elliot. She owed me.

And our boys... How freaked out are you by their costumes?! Still can't get over Jeff's (Jackie Moon).

Love at first sight!
Meet our sweet boy, Eggnog!
Then came the #1 highlight of my year (after getting engaged). Graham surprised me by making all of the arrangements to bring home our first puppy!

He's a miniature dachshund. I named him Eggnog (Do you love or hate his name? My friends and colleagues are 50/50!). He's 5-months old and pretty special.

I remember wrapping him in a blanket and crying while we drove him home. I felt so overwhelmed with joy. Our first baby!

A few moments later, I learned - the hard way - that dachshunds are burrow-dwelling animals. He opted to burrow joyfully into my new jacket sleeve... while my arm was still in it.

I forgave him quickly.

He's pretty cute, don't you think?

Side note: Eggnog is completely and utterly obsessed with Graham. We're working on his separation anxiety...
Best Day Ever in Ottawa!
A photo booth with a glittery backdrop... In love!
In November, we went to an event called Best Day Ever at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. We took full advantage of the prettiest photo booth!
Best bridesmaids in the world!
I also went shopping at the cutest bridal boutique (The Handmade Bride) with my girls. We followed it with brunch (and mimosas). It was the most wonderful day. I want to remember it forever. 
My whole heart.
I'll wrap up with a picture of my favourite person in the entire world. My best friend and other half. I love her more than anything in this universe.

Until next time. 


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