Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Create: Bridesmaids Boxes

Thus far, asking my bridesmaids has been one of the greatest highlights of this wedding planning journey.

Immediately, upon becoming engaged (and... years before then), I knew exactly who I wanted to ask. Sam, Cara, Sandra and Laura. The most incredible girls I have ever known. 

Women who inspire me.

Women that I undoubtedly know will remain in my life forever. That love Graham and I unconditionally and wish for our happiness. Oh, love!

But I had absolutely no concept of how I wanted to ask.

When in doubt... Pinterest

Surprisingly, after searching through Pinterest for what felt like hours (and was probably minutes), I remained uninspired.

When in doubt... and Pinterest fails... Craft stores! 

I opted to drag Graham along with me, who happens to be the best partner for craft supply shopping (I am lucky). 

We wandered around. He suggested 10 ideas; I denied all 10. I needed to figure this out for myself.

Finally, my eyes landed on an entire aisle of wooden boxes (an entire aisle)! 
I chose a size I deemed small enough to fit inside of my shopping basket (Graham had ditched me) but large enough to accommodate a glass bottle of... juice (booze) inside of it. 

I spent the next twenty minutes choosing between variations of white spray paint (gloss white vs. satin white vs. flat white). Always satin. 

Among the wooden boxes, I found small wooden letters. I chose two S's, a C and an L for... Just kidding, you get it.

Because I could not stomach the notion of leaving the letters wooden and bare (the horror!), I added Martha Stewart metallic acrylic craft paint (in yellow gold) to my basket.

I picked up glittered, gold adhesive letters, some wedding stickers (I knew I had some at home - don't ask, blame the last sale at Michael's), and champagne confetti. 

To fill the boxes, I picked up ring pops, alcohol (gin for Sam, rum for Sandra, vodka for Cara and Laura... because you needed to know), Vinylux Nail Lacquer (in Bicycle Yellow - my favourite colour), and fresh macaroons (not pictured because they were in the fridge...).

Upon our arrival at home, our garage instantly evolved into my craft room.

Babe... when are we building a studio again?

I spray painted each small box, applying multiple coats (It turns out I needed 2 cans -  and 1 emergency trip to Walmart - to complete 4 boxes). I painted each wooden letter gold. And once dry, I adorned each box with glittered letters and stickers.

Then came the fun part: trying to force a glass bottle into each wooden box. Try to bend the wood. Try to bend the glass.  I do not recommend.

(Laura and Sandra's boxes do not shut properly as a result of the above mentioned exercise).

Then came the really fun part: giving them to my bridesmaids.

They were so happy! Success! 

Pictured: Sandra's, Sammy's and Cara's bridesmaids boxes. 

Not pictured: Laura's bridesmaids box (I ran out of spray paint). 

Love you girls more than anything. 



  1. I think you had lucky bridesmaids :) These presents look awesome!

  2. Wow, I had never thought of this. What a good idea. That's so cool!